Classical Reception and Pedagogy

A Scottish Perspective on Teaching the Reception of Classical Material Culture. Workshop, 2 May 2024, University of St Andrews

Drawing the Greek Vase

Another specialist subject area covered by SACRA members is one that crosses the disciplines of Classics, Archaeology and Art History. Several members across different schools work on visual and material…

Summit of Mt Zagaras, with cloudy sky.

Mountains, ancient and modern

One initiative in the School that has been reaching the end of its first phase as SACRA launches, is a project run jointly by Jason König and Dawn Hollis on…

Clotho journal cover, volume 4, issue 2

A Proletarian Classics

A Proletarian Classics, edited by David Movrin (Ljubljana), Elżbieta Olechowska (Warsaw) and Henry Stead  (SACRA) is an open-access volume of essays investigating the relationship between ancient Greek and Roman culture and…