The St Andrews Centre for the Receptions of Antiquity (SACRA) aims to foster ground-breaking, collaborative and interdisciplinary research into the reception of the ideas, artworks and other cultural remains of antiquity in the modern world. 

SACRA unites students and scholars working on the receptions of antiquity across at least six different Schools in the university, including Classics, Art History, English, History, International Relations, and Modern Languages.  

The Centre hopes to reflect and shape the increasingly broad, mixed and global field of ancient reception studies.  

We will encourage work across several research themes, including but not limited to: 

  • Receptions of Antiquity and the Global South  
  • Receptions of Antiquity and Travel  
  • Early Modern receptions of antiquity  
  • Visual/Material Culture and Receptions of Antiquity  
  • Receptions of Antiquity and Scotland  
  • Receptions of Antiquity, Class and Political Theory  
  • Applied Classics